In Indonesia Brother printer has its own advantages compared to other printers. Types of printers injet issued mostly multi-function printer, where the printer is equipped with copy – scan – and fax. Call it the type of printer dcp-J125 is in addition to copy and print own facilities – scan also equipped with a card reader. The next Keluarran no brother dcp-J220, this printer apart scan – copy is also equipped with a fax as well as the number of button or key numbers that we usually use to select and operate some of the functions of a Brother printer.

Brother further adds features of the printer, the printer mfc-j265 issued, the printer is equipped with access to wireless networking. Print processes which typically use a cable media, no longer needed on the printer’s mfc-j265. We stayed setting up the printer and computer / laptop us to be able to communicate via wireless. As the material to assist in utilizing the wireless feature is on brother, here we provide a tutorial on how wireless printer settings brother:
1. Factory Reset
a. Press the “Menu” on your printer machine
b. Use the top button below to find the menu “Network”
c. After the Press “OK”
d. Select “Factory Reset”, then press “OK”
e. Press the number “1” (if the printer no fax button, if not see the screen for instructions), the machine will automatically reset to its network.
2. Setup Wizard to enable wireless
a. Press the “Menu”, then use the buttons on the bottom look for the menu “Network”, then press the “OK”.
b. Select the “WLAN”, then press “OK”
c. Select the “Setup Wizard”, and then wait while the engine will look for the SSID, if the SSID has been completed, press the “Clear / Back”
d. Wi-Fi icon will be at the top of the screen.
Setting on Computer

Insert the CD Driver
Select the desired language (eg English here)
Select the “Initial installation”
Then select “Install MFL-Pro Suite”
Select “Yes” and wait a moment
Select the “Wireless Network Connection” and select the next
Check all the options and select the next again
If you detect wifi printer and select the printer next to exit message and required to restart
If you do not detect wifi, select option 2 to specify that your machine by address and then you enter the IP address that is in the printer to the empty column
How to check the IP address on the printer, select Menu -> Network -> WLAN -> TCP / IP -> IP address
If it had been the computer will immediately process, until the message “Brother Registration” if there then select the next and restart the computer.
Setting On Wireless Network Connection

On the PC / Notebook search Wireless Network Connection
After that select “SETUP” in the selection choose a wireless network
select Connect
Also select “Connect Anyway” and wait a moment
Wait a minute until the Wireless Connected
NB: The way this setting applies to brother printer type contained wireless system.

Ditulisan this time I will share a little information about the advantages and disadvantages of laser printers. As we know that the advantages of laser printers is the most superior in terms of print quality is very high. Can you compare laser printer prints with inkjet printers or other types, the print on a laser printer is much more subtle and nice for a laser printer capable of printing up to 1200 dots per inch.

Excess other laser printer is able to print on many media, such as glossy paper, plain paper, sticker labels, transparencies, paper plate, cardstock, art paper, photo paper and so forth. Documents are printed using a laser printer is much more durable than documents printed using an inkjet printer or other types of printers, for laser printer prints resistant to water and high humidity, so the results printnya not easily fade and fade.
In addition to the advantages and benefits over laser printers, laser printers also have some disadvantages among these is the electrical power consumption of a high or wattnya higher than inkjet printers or other types and prices laser printers are much more expensive than other inkjet printers. Output solid ink printer can make a paper jam in the copier or scanner with auto feeder. And the latter deficiency laser printer is a color print Possibilities that do not fit in the printer LEDs to make images become blurred.
So the conclusion seems to be easier on an inkjet printer for charging the ink, but more cool and fast on a laser printer to use and the results. Thus the advantages and disadvantages of laser printers. May be useful.


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