Dot Matrix Printer is a kind of printers that print resolution is still very low. Dot matrix printer functions to this day are still needed even now scattered sophisticated printers that can mencetakfotografi professional level.

Dot-matrix printer is particularly needed by the business fields that require duplex printing, not only proof of the transaction, but also reports that must be printed copies. Of the printed over and over again resulting in high operating costs and a printer to be thrown out, then we can use a dot-matrix printer with dual paper. Save time and cost (electricity, ribbon, paper, etc.).
Ink-jet printers tend to be loud sound and picture quality to score less well for the printed image will look like dots are interconnected. Besides known as operational costs are cheap (cheap printer ribbons),
dot matrix printer is also famous for ease of maintenance and repair. Due to abundant and inexpensive spare parts, maintenance and repair costs also become cheaper.
Unfortunately the main features dot matrix printer has not been used to the maximum by web-based applications. Maybe the developers thought that dot matrix printers are outdated and it should be replaced with the latest printer technology (deskjet, laserjet, bubblejet, etc.). And again the developers assume that duplexing is not efficient and effective. Is not it better for internal purposes, we simply look at the monitor screen only? Suffice it to preview the report. Save time and paper. Even now printing that was already considered irrelevant. It’s now the time of paperless-office. Dot matrix printers are still widely used because it is well known durable. Another plus, ribbons dot matrix printers are much cheaper compared to toners (ink) for inkjet and laserjet printers.
Epson Printer T11 and T20 are variants Epson economical and demand in the market. One of damage that is often experienced by epson printer T11 and T20 are blare print processing time. And if it’s like this then the printer will not be used with either the alias has crashed. No need to worry, because with a little effort and patience and perseverance, you can solve the problem epson T11 and T20 blare when the print command from the computer.
Before heading to the discussion of how to cope with epson T11 and T20 blare when the print, the following is an indication of damage to the beginning:
When epson printer T11 and T20 is turned on, the printer will perform initial calibration and then the standby power light will green indicates T11 and T20 printers under normal conditions. But when he received the print command from the computer, it will be discovered that the printer is damaged by the presence of loud sounds such as gear slippage or retained something and epson printer T11 and T20 can not pull the paper in the paper tray. Even if the paper can go, the paper would certainly be interested in a tilted position. If the damage worse, when the printer is turned on epson printer epson T11 and T20 will immediately experience blink accompanied by a loud sound and the printer can not print.
Here’s How to Cope with Epson T11 and T20 Sound Loud:
Unloading Epson printer T11 and T20 by opening two screws at the back of the printer, the printer left hook on the right and three hooks on the front of the printer. Do it carefully so that the printer casing was not damaged.
When closed casing can be taken, it will be immediately visible part white paper pullers and fitted with a rubber puller roll paper from Epson’s T11 and T20.
Cause blare on epson T11 and T20 are at the pullers of this paper. Towing this paper it is called is the ASF (Automatic Sheet Feeder). ASF epson printer T11 and T20 if observed will look broken in parts of the US one tumpunya gear.
You can replace this with ASF ASF is new. Or you can fix the broken parts with new ways to make the US using small screws or the other depending on your creativity respectively. The important thing generated strong US gear is used as a pedestal.
ASF replaced or repaired after her, while trying epson T11 and T20 blare when the last print.
After OK, put the cap back epson printer T11 and T20 you.
Frequent breakage of the US ASF epson printer T11 and T20 are reasonable because the fabric used is of plastic and the size of the US is very small so easy to break.
Similarly Epson How to Overcome Tough T11 and T20 sound when the print process and hopefully useful!

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